Crystal Clear Skincare Products

2013-08-24 22.55.39I’ve been using some skincare products over the Summer from Crystal Clear International. They do products for both men and women, promoting at last year’s MOBOs to the likes of Aston from JLS and Trevor Nelson. Apparently both big fans! I was sent three, very good quality products, I kept the Deep Cleanse Gel for myself, and gave Lift Away The Years and Reverse to one of my team of lovely testers, in this case my Mum!

The two I gave to Mum are described on the site as being for mature ladies, which she would not admit to being, nor is she, but she’s in a better position to use them than I!

Deep Cleanse Gel – £27.00 for 200ml

I’m always wary with facewash, they either make my skin greasy or just give me lots of spots, which I guess comes from being too greasy. This didn’t do that though; one little squirt gave me a great lather. I’ve been using it for about two months and still lots to go through, you use such a little amount it could last a long time. My skin is soft and feels moisturised, I’d happily get this again even at the price.

2013-08-24 22.56.45

Lift Away The Years £59.99

I used this for a few weeks as directed; I wasn’t too keen on the smell of the cream! I found that getting the right amount in the wand can be tricky, if you fill it too much it oozes out of the seal but if you don’t put enough in there’s not enough to moisturise and you have to stop the process and add some more.

When using the wand and cream in a morning, it can leave the face too greasy to add your make up on top and I actually had to dab the face before makeup was applied; after the first week the skin feels softer and slightly plumped up where the lines are, but to honest the greasiness of the skin was not pleasant.

The wand itself for me was difficult to use at first as I found the on/off quite hard to press with my thumb, but after a few days it seemed to be easier. All in all I think that the neck area looked a bit better and the face seemed more tighter, but it wasn’t enough to want to carry on using it due the greasiness that it left.

2013-08-24 22.58.26

Reverse £60.00 for 60ml

I used Reverse as asked for a few weeks as well, the pump dispenser was very easy to use. I really like this product as the smell was nice too – I did think it would have been a bit thicker in texture than it was though. I massaged it in all over the neck and face areas twice a day, it didn’t leave the skin greasy but it did feel soft and firmer, there is also a slight improvement of fine lines around the eyes, the skin did have a glow about it too. I shall carry on using this as I really like it, I would definitely recommend this.

2013-08-24 22.56.08So they have a wide enough range of products for both men and women of all ages, do you think you’ll try any of these? Have you tried any and did you feel the same way we did?



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