A Return to Neighbourhood – Review*


We visited Neighbourhood when it first opened, you can read this review here; our last visit was for my birthday at the end of March. Contrasting visits, the latter with a few issues but we knew we would go back. Planned for our seventh wedding anniversary, we went for an early dinner on a Saturday a couple of weeks back, looking for good food & drink and the usual good service.

We started with my favourite cocktail in an Old Fashioned. In all honesty, this is what I drank all night after moving onto another of my favourites in Liquorice. These two places do the best Old Fashioned in the city for me. Continue reading

A (Cross) Look at Women’s Fashion

swayzeawesome-8-patrick-swayze-590x350Admit it. For those of us with the fashion passion there’s nothing like a good movie about drag queens. Your guilty pleasure might be chocolate; mine is critiquing how the measure of a man becomes the scent of a woman. Besides, isn’t fashion all about stretching our comfort zones?

For my money, three of the best cross-dresser flicks are ones with English connections. Continue reading

Manchester’s Social Lead


Manchester. You live here, you love it; you don’t, you feel you want to be a part of it. Leading the way for centuries in industry, fashion, music, entertainment and almost any other endeavour you care to name.

In 2013 this is no different, in this age of digital and online worlds. Social media is the new currency for networking and business, Manchester has a community and network of businesses unlike any other part of the country, creating relationships through the use of social media and then opening doors to friendships and business partnerships.

The love for the city is transferred online; the community emotion is what drives Manchester people and businesses to talk to each other digitally, share ideas and embark of further business together. Looking for somewhere new but affordable for lunch? Ask online. Need a man to fix your roof? Ask online. Does your business need a little PR or word of mouth boost? The Manchester community will want you to ask them. You get the idea. Continue reading

Wine Tasting, Cheese Smelling & Gossip Telling

Foto OA stuk_sfeerLast week we both had the pleasure of being invited to a wine & cheese tasting evening. I’ve let Mrs B take the lead on this one; she’s far more of a cheeses (and wine) expert than I am, so I’ll leave her to it…although I’ll pop in now and then with my opinion…..

There are lots of food and drink Do’s and Don’t that people feel the need to stick to for traditions sake, personally I say to hell with them it’s your money your choice (unless someone orders their fillet steak well done. Then I think they’re doing something wrong!). Continue reading

Crystal Clear Skincare Products

2013-08-24 22.55.39I’ve been using some skincare products over the Summer from Crystal Clear International. They do products for both men and women, promoting at last year’s MOBOs to the likes of Aston from JLS and Trevor Nelson. Apparently both big fans! I was sent three, very good quality products, I kept the Deep Cleanse Gel for myself, and gave Lift Away The Years and Reverse to one of my team of lovely testers, in this case my Mum!

The two I gave to Mum are described on the site as being for mature ladies, which she would not admit to being, nor is she, but she’s in a better position to use them than I! Continue reading